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    "Archaeologists unearthed what appears to be a fragment of animal figurine, which was originally discovered in the Vogelherd Cave in 1931."

  3. Tableau des principaux caractères du style IV. A. Nord : Arcy-sur-Cure. B. Poitou-Périgord : (1) Les Combarelles, Angles-sur-l’Anglin, Cap-Blanc, Lascaux (Puits) ; (2) Les Combarelles, Rouffignac ; (3) Teyjat. C. Pyrénées : (1) Marsoulas, Niaux, Labastide ; (2) Les Trois-Frères, Le Portel. D. Espagne : (1) Altamira, Santimamiñe; ; (2) Las Chimeneas, El Pindal, Los Casares.

    This is an excellent organisation of the drawing styles from some French and Spanish caves.

    The columns left to right are of:
    Signs, Bison, Aurochs, Horses, Ibex, Reindeer, Mammoths/Deer, Rhinoceros.

    Photo: Marc Groenen, ‘Pour une histoire de la Préhistoire’


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    We discuss mankind’s beautiful ability to think abstractly while looking at cave paintings.

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  5. Plan of the Lascaux cave in France
    Photo: E. Pfeiffer ‘The Creative Explosion’